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MongoDB Era

Apr 2016 - Current

Fall/Winter 2017•Feature Release

Real Time Performance Panel 2.0•Engineering Lead

RTPP 2.0 included a major full-stack refactor, pulling much more information from MongoDB diagnostics and dynamically presenting the most relevant information for the deployment.

Fall/Winter 2017•Feature Release

Data Explorer CRUD•UI Engineer

Data Explorer CRUD extends Data Explorer to allow users to edit, insert, delete, and clone documents using a web UI rather than the MongoDB shell in addition to searching for and viewing documents as it currently does.

December 2017•Article

Covering and Passing•Reflections on Mentoring LGBTQ Students

December 2017•Conference Talk

On Quiet Developers•North Bay Python 2017

An adaptation of a talk given at AlterConf NYC, this expanded talk addresses recruiting, hiring, and empowering Quiet Developers from the perspective of team leads, managers, and other leadership positions, along with ways to make conference and open source spaces more accessible to all developers.

Summer 2017•Feature Release

Performance Advisor•UI Engineer

Performance Advisor is a monitoring feature in MongoDB Atlas that monitors queries that MongoDB considers slow and suggests new indexes to improve query performance.

September 2017•Mentor and Panelist

Out 4 Undergrad Tech Conference • San Francisco, CA

Co-Mentor for a team of LGBTQ undergraduates working to begin a career in engineering and engineering-adjacent roles. Panelist on a panel focused on software engineering experiences.

August 2017•Conference Talk

On Quiet Developers•AlterConf NYC 2017

Open Source contributions are one of the most common de facto means to judging the competency of engineers, despite frequently resulting in the further marginalization of already marginalized people. In this talk, I coin the term "Quiet Developer" for developers who are active, engaged, but to the eyes of many completely invisible for many reasons. I dive into how developers like us survive, what employers can do to empower us, and in doing so ultimately chip away at the monolithic idea of "community engagement", highlighting instead the many less-visible communities so many of us are part of

Spring 2017•Feature Release

Data Explorer•UI Engineer

Data Explorer gives users in MongoDB Cloud products to manage their deployments the ability to view databases and collections, indexes, and search for documents in browser rather than needing to connect and use the mongo shell.

Winter 2016/2017•Feature Release

Real Time Performance Panel•UI Lead

RTPP provides users in MongoDB Cloud products performance data at one second granularity in real time, along with displaying hottest collections, scaled load of the operations impacting those collections, and longest running queries.

November 2016•Article

On Quiet Developers•Redefining Community Engagement in Software Development

Summer 2016•Feature Release

Ops Manager Server Pool•UI Engineer

Ops Manager Server Pool allows Ops Manager administrators to maintain a pool of globally provisioned servers that already have Automation Agents installed. When users in a group want to create a new MongoDB deployment, they can request servers from this pool to host the MongoDB deployment.


Apploi Era

Oct 2014 - Feb 2016

Winter 2016•Feature Release

Project Churchill•UI Lead

Full client-side single page application in AngularJS allowing jobseekers to filter and find jobs, create a common profile, and apply to multistage, multimedia job applications. Project discontinued due to company-wide layoffs and lack of funding

Summer/Fall 2015•Feature Release

Project Truman•Engineering Lead

Full refactor and relaunch of a client-side single page application in Backbone allowing employers to create and post job listings tied to online multimedia job applications, create common application templates, review applicants, and manage teams across store locations and user accounts

Spring 2015•Feature Release

Responsive UI Overhaul•UI Lead

Redesign of marketing product and job search / application for all device sizes


Omnicom Group Era

NOV 2011 - OCT 2014

Enterprise Applications Specialist (2013-2014)

Nationwide Active Directory administrator. Scripted solutions in python involving financial on-boarding, emergency contact systems, and content generation in Sharepoint.

Diversity Council•LGBTQ Taskforce for North America (2012-2014)

Support Engineer (2011-2012)

Prehistoric Era

NOV 2011 - OCT 2014

B.A. Computer Science, Oberlin College (2011)

B.M. Music Composition, Oberlin Conservatory (2011)


Teaching Experience

Introduction to Javanese Gamelan•Fall 2009, Spring 2010
Gamelan Kyai Barleyan•Fall 2010, Spring 2011
Guest Lecturer, Ethnomusicology (Music of Java)•Fall 2010, Spring 2011
Secondary Lessons, Music Composition•Fall 2009 through Spring 2011
Primary Instructor, Music Composition•Oberlin Summer Composition Institute 2010, 2011

Grants and Honors

Theodore Presser Fellowship (2009) for study of Javanese Gamelan in Surakarta, Indonesia
Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society (2011)