Seán M Hanson

UI Engineer

I'm a UI Engineer working with MongoDB on their Cloud Monitoring team since early 2016.

Since joining, I've served as UI Lead for the Real Time Performance Panel, featured in this MongoDB World 2017 talk by friend and colleague Jonathan Balsano.

I also occasionally freelance alongside the fantastic web cooperative Little Weaver Web Collective depending on their active contracts and my availability.



In my free time, I spend a lot of time engaging in watercolor painting. My works are abstract, and explore questions I was interested in during my time studying composition at Oberlin Conservatory, namely the interplay of many colors to create larger timbral languages, and blurring the lines between organic and inorganic (algorithmic, randomized, etc) content. 


D&I Advocate

As a queer neurodivergent engineer from Kentucky, making the tech industry a more diverse and inclusive space isn't a goal for me, but a requirement that we all must pursue. I work internally with this regularly at MongoDB, help work closely with our internal LGBTQ group, and can be found occasionally writing and speaking on related subjects.